TRCSL to enable access to the same telephone number from every telephone service provider

This time we have been informed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka that if a telephone number is currently used by someone, 

It will be available in all mobile service networks without changing the number or service called Number Portability in Sri Lanka.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has initiated preliminary proceedings in this regard, stating that your existing telephone number is a common number system for currently used network identification code numbers (070, 071, 072, 075, 077, 076, 078) and it can use any connection.

Also (TRCSL) has stated that the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has consulted with mobile phone service providers in Sri Lanka prior to the commencement of the preliminary proceedings.

(TRCSL) has further stated that the number portability service is already in operation in countries such as India and Malaysia and it is not clear how long it will take to introduce the new system to Sri Lanka.

They stated that it intends to hold a public consultation in this regard and that it is not possible to say exactly how long it will take to fully install this.